The recent work (posted late April and May 2011) is from our just-completed trip to China and Japan. I’m reviewing and posting images in no particular order.

A note on Japan, it was delightful, and particularly uncrowded (well, relatively). The recent disasters have badly hurt tourism; it would be a great time to visit, should you have the chance. I only wish we could have stayed longer.

This is primarily a photo blog, and postings should ‘speak’ for themselves. I welcome comments and questions, though.

Note on equipment; everything since early March 2011 is shot with a Sony NEX-5 with M-Rokkor 40mm F2 or 90mm f4 lenses (from an old Leitz-Minolta CL). Everything before that was shot with a Nikon D200 and Sigma glass.

I notice people have been visiting this Notes page. Comments below are old. I will edit and rewrite this when I get a chance…


This site shows my current and past work chronologically. I update it as I produce something I especially like and want to share, or view myself.

My portfolio site is under development – link to follow.

Prints are available upon request.


(These following notes are in reverse blog order, with the most recent updates last. I’ve tried to use them to occasionally comment on my work outside of the display. Focus and intent has evolved; maybe it shows this way?)

I would rather show images than talk about them. I’m fascinated and occasionally obsessed by drawings and paintings and sculpture and photographs. Photography is a compelling media as disciplined observation of the present. It is a tool for seeing and extending awareness of what’s all around. I’m interested in photos as found images.

A painter has the option of manipulating objects and their representations to create composition. I have been more drawn to ‘noticing’ and framing the existing composition – the essence of ‘street photography’.

A successful photograph is more than just composition. It should show how it felt to look at that scene, to be there. That is quite subjective; two viewers can ‘get’ something different from a photograph or a live experience. The process, the technical decisions, the skill, is in catching the emotion of the scene.

This site is my journal. It’s my training tool. It’s the log of my progress, as I learn.


June 10, 2008

I’ve recently gone through and edited this statement; my work has been evolving. The pleasure of a daily journal is that it does show the process, the path taken. I would hope that the viewer sees something of that. It helps me when I critically look at my own work.

Earlier I was more interested in the street. Now I’m getting closer to composing and structuring images, and creating scenes.

I hope, though, that the pictures speak for themselves.


July 7, 2008

Pictures tell stories. Some pictures stand alone, but captions can shape those stories.

Some photo bloggers write a lot about themselves. Others write about photography, or equipment, or technique. And some don’t say much. I’ve been mostly in that latter category, occasionally venturing into the former. Given the evolution of the site, I want to try something else.

The point of this blog all along has been to practice doing photography – to make pictures that say something. How can I make captions – stories, that enhance the stories in the images?

October, 2008

After 200+ days of daily photos and postings, the daily show just got to be too much of a chore.

I’m still working, and posting, just not as often, and hopefully with more thought and better quality.

Oh, and I’m trending toward diptychs. I really like the way paired shots show on this page format.